The rock group Guns and Roses had a hit record called "Welcome to the jungle." This website welcomes all who visit to a different kind of jungle; one filled with wild animals, excitement, danger and the greatest heroes and heroines in fictiom. As we grew up we all imagined ourselves in their place, acting out the many action-packed adventures they faced in books, movies and TV shows. We come to honor the actors and actresses who made the jungle their movie home (whether on a studio back lot or filmed on location in Africa, India, Thailand, Sra Lanka, Guatemala, wherever). Edgar Rice Burroughs created one of fantasy's greatest characters in Tarzan of the Apes, and over the years many actors have portrayed the apeman, some better than others. Tarzan's wife Jane has also been played by various actresses. Other jungle heroines have appeared in films and TV series also, but it was Tarzan who started the whole thing, and this website is dedicated to all who have portrayed Tarzan and the other jungle characters.

ABOVE: All the actors who have officially played Tarzan in the movies or on TV

Ronald Adair played Tarzan and Ethel Dwyer was Jane in a theatrical production in New York in 1921.
It didn't last long. (See Ethel Dwyer's photo in the Jane section)

A live action musical of Disney's Tarzan played on Broadway in NY from May 2006 to July 2007.
Josh Strickland played the adult Tarzan, with Alex Rutherford as one of the young Apeman. Jenn Gambatese was cast as Jane.

A live action musical of Disney's Tarzan also opened in Holland. Ron Link played Tarzan with Chantal Janzen as Jane.
There was also a premiere in Sweden in Februrary 2008 with producer Emil Sigfridsson as Tarzan and his girlfriend Zara as Jane.
The Tarzan musical also opened in German in October 2008 with Anton Zetterholm as Tarzan and Elisabeth Hübert as Jane. (Many thanks to
Bill and Sue-on Hillman for updates on the Tarzan musicals.)

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