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There were a few TV Tarzan cartoon series. Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle and Tarzan and the Secret 7;
Robert Ridgely supplied the voice.(1978)

Episode guide:
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
Season 1:
1. Tarzan and the City of Gold
2. Tarzan and the Vikings
3. Tarzan and the Golden Lion
4. Tarzan and the Forbidden City
5. Tarzan and the Graveyard of the Elephants
6. Tarzan's Return to the City of Gold
7. Tarzan and the Strange Visitors
8. Tarzan and the Land of the Giants
9. Tarzan and the Knights of Nimmr
10. Tarzan's Rival
11. Tarzan in the City of Sorcery
12. Tarzan at the Earth's Core
13. Tarzan and the Ice Monster
14. Tarzan and the Olympiads
15. Tarzan's Trial
16. Tarzan the Hated
Season 2: (Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour)
Tarzan And The Sunken City Of Atlantis
Tarzan And The Bird People
Tarzan And The Colossus Of Zome
Tarzan And The Beast In The Iron Mask
Tarzan And The Amazon Princess
Tarzan And The Conquistadors
Season 3: (Tarzan and the Super 7)
Tarzan And The Spider People
Tarzan And The Space God
Tarzan And The Lost World
Tarzan And The Monkey God
Tarzan And The Haunted Forest
Tarzan And The Island Of Dr. Morphos
Season 4: (Still called Tarzan and the Super 7)
Tarzan And The Sifu
Tarzan And Jane
Tarzan And The Land Beneath The Earth
Tarzan And The Drought
Tarzan And The Soul Stealer
Tarzan And The Future King
Tarzan And The Huntress
Tarzan And The White Elephant

Disney's Tarzan had Tony Goldwyn and Minnie Driver as the voices of Tarzan and Jane. (1999)

Disney's The Legend of Tarzan (2001) was an animated TV series. Disney also made a direct to video sequel called Tarzan and Jane in 2002.

Cast: Michael T. Weiss (as the voice of Tarzan), Olivia d'Abo (as the voice of Jane Porter), Jeff Bennett (as the voice of Prof. Porter), Jim Cummings (as the voice of Tantor), and April Winchell (as the voice of Terk).

Episode Guide:

1. Race Against Time
2. Trading Post
3. The Lost Cub
4. Lost City of Opar
5. The Fugitives
6. Rogue Elephant
7. Poisoned River part 1
8. Poisoned River part 2
9. Enemy Within
10. Fountain
11. Hidden World
12. Rift
13. Giant Beetles
14. Jungle Madness
15. Protege
16. Leopard Men Rebellion
17. Rough Rider
18. Seeds of Destruction
19. Silver Ape
20. Challenger
21. Outbreak
22. Silver Screen
23. Beast from Below
24. All-Seeing Elephant
25. New Wave
26. Lost Treasure
27. Return of La
28. One Punch Mullagan
29. Missing Link
30. Prison Break
31. The Eagle's Feather
32. Face From the Past
33. Caged Fury
34. Gauntlet of Vengeance
35. Mysterious Visitor
36. Tublat's Revenge
37. UNAIRED British Invasion
38. UNAIRED Volcanic Diamond Mine
39. UNAIRED Flying Ace

Here are the voices of the cartoon versions of Tarzan. Robert Ridgely (Filmation's TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE); Michael T Weiss and Olivia D'Abo. (Disney's TV series Tarzan and Jane).

      Tarzan of the Apes (1999) is an animated musical adventure film produced by Diane Eskenazi and Darcy Wright and written by Mark Young (based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs). Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries was used as the score during the opening scenes of the film. It was released directly to home video on March 9, 1999. Voice actors uncredited.
      PLOT: John and Alice Clayton (Lord and Lady Greystoke) are marooned on the coast of Africa, where their son, John Clayton, Jr., is born. The baby is orphaned when both parents die of a mysterious disease, but is adopted by Kala and Kerchak, members of the tribe of Brown Apes.
      The baby, christened Tarzan ("White Skin") by Kala, grows to adulthood among the apes, and eventually discovers the cabin where his parents lived. He teaches himself to read and write using the books there. He also discovers a cache of gold coins secreted beneath a loose floorboard in the cabin.
      Jane Porter, her father, Professor Archimedes Porter, and Esmerelda, their cockney housekeeper, are shipwrecked at the same location, and soon Jane and Tarzan fall in love. The Porters and Esmerelda are rescued and sail to America, believing that Tarzan has been killed.
      Tarzan, with the help of Lieutenant Paul D'Arnot, sails to Baltimore, Maryland where he is reunited with Jane. Tarzan's identity as Lord Greystoke is discovered, and he and Jane are married and return to Africa.