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Maureen O'Sullivan, everyone's favortie Jane!

Enid Markey was the first Jane Porter with Elmo Lincoln in Tarzan of the Apes and Romance of Tarzan.

Karla Schramm was Jane Porter in Revenge of Tarzan with Gene Pollar and in Son of Tarzan with P. Dempsey Tabler.

Louise Lorraine (real name Louise Escovar) was Elmo Lincoln's co-star in Adventures of Tarzan serial, playing Jane, the youngest actress to play the part at 20 years old.

Ethel Dwyer was Jane in the first Broadway production of Tarzan with Ronald Adair in 1921. (Greta Kemble Cooper played Lady Greystoke)

Dorothy Dunbar was James Pierce's leading lady (Jane Porter) in Tarzan and the Golden Lion.

Natalie Kingston was Mary Trevor in Tarzan the Mighty and then became Jane in Frank Merrill's second serial, Tarzan the Tiger.

Queen La of Opar tried to steal Tarzan away from Jane. First actress to play La was Lillian Worth in The Adventures of Tarzan opposite Elmo Lincoln.

Mme. Kithnou played Queen La in the Frank Merrill serial, Tarzan the Tiger.

Maureen O'Sullivan was the most popular Jane, co-starring with Johnny Weissmuller in six MGM films. (For the MGM films, Jane's last name was changed from Porter to Parker. Also Director Van Dyke had wanted Leila Hyams as Jane, but the studio wanted O'Sullivan.)

Jacqueline Wells (Julie Bishop) was Buster Crabbe's co-star in Tarzan the Fearless, as Mary Brooks.

Ula Holt co-starred with Herman Brix as Ula Vale in the serial New Adventures of Tarzan.

Eleanor Holm played Eleanor in the Glenn Morris movie Tarzan's Revenge.

When Maureen O'Sullivan quit playing Jane, other leading ladies were brought in. First up: Francis Gifford as Zandra in Tarzan Triumphs.

Nancy Kelly was Connie Bryce, a stranded lady magician in Tarzan's Desert Mystery. (Jane was supposedly away nursing wounded American soldiers during WW2.)

Maria Ouspenskaya played the Queen of the Amazons in Tarzan and the Amazons.

Shirley O'Hara was Athena, an Amazon maiden in Tarzan and the Amazons.

Brenda Joyce became Weissmuller's second Jane (and Johnny gave his approval) in Tarzan and the Amazons. She stayed on and even co-starred in Lex Barker's first Tarzan film.

Acquanetta played Lea, the leader of the Leopard Women in Tarzan and the Leopard Women.

Patricia Morison was the misguided Tanya Rawlins in Tarzan and the Huntress.

Linda Christian was Mara, one of the "mermaids" in Weissmuller's final film in the series, Tarzan and the Mermaids.