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1. "Tarzan of the Apes" (1912)
Lord and Lady Greystoke are set ashore off the coast of Africa by mutineers; she gives birth to a son and dies; Greystoke is killed by the great apes; Kala, the she-ape, whose baby had drowned, takes the infant Tarzan and raises him. Tarzan grows up to be the leader of the great apes. An expedition comes to Africa, and Tarzan sees his first white girl, Jane Porter, whom he falls in love with. Paul D'Arnot, a member of the French Navy, teaches Tarzan French and English and accompanies him to the US, where Tarzan finds Jane about to marry William Clayton, who now has the title of Lord Greystoke.

2. "The Return of Tarzan" (1913)
Tarzan meets the evil Nikolas Rokoff, who throws him overboard off the coast of Africa. Tarzan becomes the leader of the Waziri tribe and has his first adventure with Queen La and the lost city of Opar. Jane also finds herself shipwrecked and a captive of the Oparians. Tarzan saves her and they end up being married.

3. "The Beasts of Tarzan" (1914)
With the help of Akut and his tribe of apes, a panther and a black native named Mugambi, Tarzan finds himself facing Rokoff again and having to save Jane.

4. "The Son of Tarzan" (1915)
Tarzan and Jane, living in England, have a son they name Jack, who travels to Africa and becomes Korak the Killer. He saves a French princess named Meriem from the Arabs, but when they are separated, each one believes the other to be dead. But as fate would have it, she is eventually reunited with Korak with the help of Tarzan and Jane.

5. "Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar" (1916)
A Belgian deserter named Werper, who discovers that Tarzan knows the whereabouts of the treasure vaults of Opar, joins up with Achmet Zek, who wants to sell Jane into slavery . An earthquake causes Tarzan to lose his memory and he reverts to his primitive self in search of the "pretty pebbles" Werper has stolen. He saves Jane from Achmet Zek and captures Werper, leaving Queen La of Opar broken hearted again.

6. "Jungle Tales Of Tarzan" (1916, 1917)
Stories of a youthful Tarzan as he grew up. Titles are "Tarzan's First Love", "The Capture Of Tarzan", "The Fight For The Balu", "The God Of Tarzan", "Tarzan and the Black Boy", "The Witch-Doctor Seeks Vengeance", "The End of Bukawai", "The Lion", "The Nightmare", "The Battle for Teeka", "A Jungle Joke" and "Tarzan Rescues the Moon".

7. "Tarzan the Untamed" (1919, 1921)
Tarzan, during World War 1, hunts the Germans whom he believes have murdered Jane. Along with German spy Bertha Kircher and English pilot Smith-Oldwick, they are held captive in the city of Xuja, which is controlled by madmen. They manage to escape.

8. "Tarzan the Terrible" (1921)
Tarzan discovers that Jane is alive and has been taken to the lost city of A-lur in the hidden valley of Pal-ul-don. Here time has stood still and it is full of prehistoric life. A civil war erupts between priests and warriors when Tarzan tries to rescue Jane, and Korak ends up helping them escape.

9. "Tarzan And The Golden Lion" (1922, 1923)
Tarzan is betrayed and finds himself the prisoner of the priests of Opar, last bastion of ancient Atlantis. Queen La tries to save him, but she too is betrayed by her own people. Tarzan must save her and travel with Jad-bal-ja, the golden Lion, into the legendary Valley of Diamonds. Ahead lay savage gorillas who make men slaves; behind them is Esteban Miranda, who looks just like Tarzan and plots further treachery.

10. "Tarzan And The Ant Men" (1924)
When Tarzan crashes his airplane into the Great Thorn Forest, he encounters the Alali, stone-age giants whose women regarded all men as less than slaves. Beyond the Alali is Trohanadalmakus, where ant men live and Tarzan becames an honored guest. Tarzan then becomes a prisoner of the Veltopismakus, who are at war with the Ant Men. To save Tarzan, the Ant men use strange science to shrink the Ape Man to their size.

11. "Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle" (1927, 1928)
Slave traders are headed towards the lost Valley of the Sepulcher, where Knights Templar still fight to resume their Holy Crusade to free Jerusalem. They are intent on looting the fabled empire of its riches. Also, an American named James Blake is headed that way and Tarzan had vowed to rescue him. Soon Tarzan finds himself armed with lance and shield, jousting and in ancient combat.

12. "Tarzan And The Lost Empire" (1929)
Erich von Harben, an old friend of Tarzan of the Apes, has disappeared in the heart of Africa. Tarzan sets out to rescue him, and in the process, travels to a mysterious valley, where two surviving outposts of ancient Rome still exist, unchanged by time. Here Tarzan is thrust into the bloody arena, to face whatever peril the Emperor of Castra Sanguinarius can devise to ensure the Ape Man's death. Meanwhile, von Harben is miles away in Castram Mare, awaiting his own execution. Can Tarzan escape and rescue him?

13. "Tarzan At The Earth's Core" (1930)
David Innes is a captive in Pellucidar, the strange world that lies inside the Earth. Tarzan leads an expedition into this savage, prehistoric land, where he comes face to face with sabre-tooth tigers, Horibs, the Sogoths, the Thipdars and other dangers inside the Earth's core in order to rescue David Innes.

14. "Tarzan the Invincible" (1930, 1931)
Communists are searching for Opar, where La has been deposed. Tarzan tries to stop them and return La to her throne. Tarzan and Queen La, the golden lion Jad-bal-ja, American agent Wayne Colt, and Zora Drinov, a girl taken in by the communists, have many adventures.

15. "Tarzan Triumphant" (1932)
Tarzan, hunting for slavers, saves marooned pilot Lady Barbara Collis from a crater inhabited by degenerate descendants of the disciple of Paul. Many co-stars, including geologist LaFayette Smith and his buddy Danny "Gunner" Patrick, Russian spy Stabutch, and the beautiful valley girl Jezebel become involved with Tarzan.

16. "Tarzan and the City of Gold" (1932)
In the isolated valleys of Athne and Cathne (the city of gold), Tarzan makes a shattering impression on Cathne's queen, Nemone. The attraction is mutual, but palace schemes and Nemone's streaks of insanity ultimately lead to Tarzan almost losing his life. Jad-bal-ja saves him in the nick of time.

17. "Tarzan and the Lion Man" (1933,1934)
A safari comes to Africa to film a Tarzan movie in great ten-ton trucks with all the advantages of civilization. But the Bansuto tribe has other ideas. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the jungle, there is a strange valley of diamonds and a city called London on the Thames, ruled by a madman named Henry the Eighth. Here Tarzan comes with his golden lion, Jad-bal-ja, where ape man meets lion man.

18. "Tarzan and the Leopard Men" (1935)
Another tale with Tarzan suffering from the effects of amnesia, thinking he is Muzimo, a demon who is an ancestor of Orando of the Utengi tribe. Traitors among his own people and the feared Leopard Men, looking for victims for their savage rites, lay ahead for Orando and Tarzan, plus Kali Bwana, a white girl who came to Africa to find a missing man.

19. "Tarzan's Quest" (1935,1936)
An airplane crashes in the jungle, and among the surviving passengers is Tarzan's wife, Jane. Meanwhile, Tarzan is searching to find the village of the Kavuru, a race of strange white savages, and rescue his friend Muviro's daughter, who has been kidnapped. Little did Tarzan know his quest would lead him to the dreaded temple of Kavuru and a rendezvous with blood and fire. Before long, Tarzan must come to the aid of his own wife and the other Europeans.

20. "Tarzan and the Forbidden City" (1938)
At the request of Paul d'Arnot, Tarzan agrees to guide an expedition, led by the father and sister of missing adventurer Brian Gregory, and they travel to the forbidden city of Ashair, where the rumoured Father of Diamonds, the world's largest gem, is said to be hidden. Alan Thome also wants to possess the Father of Diamonds, so he has spies infiltrate the safari. But the priests of Ashair have sacrifical rites in mind for all the visitors.

21. "Tarzan the Magnificent" (1936,1937)
This Tarzan story is about The Amazons of Kaji, a race of women warriors ruled by a magician, and a great Diamond, the Gonfal, with strange hypnotic powers. Tarzan is told about a long lost English nobleman and the savage queen who has betrayed her people's trust and helped him escape. Tarzan finds out that Stanley Wood's story is true when he sees the power of the Gonfal in action as it draws Stanley back into the clutches of the Amazons of Kaji.

22. "Tarzan and the Foreign Legion" (1947)
When an American bomber crashes in the jungles of enemy-held Sumatra, the survivors face the uncertainties of this strange, unknown world. Even stranger is the RAF colonel who strips down to his loincloth and knife, and rises to the challenge of the hazards facing them. Wild beasts and the occupying Japanese army would come up against Colonel John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, Tarzan of the Apes. Tarzan gathers together a motley crew of legionaires, and they all face a rendezvous with enemies both human and inhuman.

23. "Tarzan and the Madman" (1964)
The jungle drums give forth an incredible message: Tarzan is now a traitor, stealing and enslaving their women. An English millionaire offers a big reward for Tarzan's death and the recapture of Sandra Pickerall. Tarzan must save her from a madman who not only claims to be the Lord of the Jungle, but also thinks he is God. Tarzan is determined to stop this madman.

24. "Tarzan and the Castaways" (1941)
Three short stories about Tarzan make up this book; "Tarzan and the Castaways" has Tarzan stranded on an uncharted Pacific Island with a group of castaways, facing a band of mutineers and a lost colony of Mayans, looking for potential victims. But Tarzan doesn't have to face them alone, for he soon discovers some unusual allies...a shipment of African animals unfamiliar with the island, who can strike fear in the Mayans. Story two is "Tarzan and the Champion," where Tarzan must battle a champion prize fighter named Mullargan. Finally, there is "Tarzan and the Jungle Murders".

25. "Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins" (1936,1963)
ERB wrote the two stories that make up this book for a younger audience. About twins Dick [Tarzan-go, born in England] and Doc [Tarzan-tar, born in the US] who have adventures in Africa with Tarzan. Also features Jad-bal-ja, the golden lion, Queen La of Opar, Gretchen von Harben, who becomes Kla, La's successor and a cannibal tribe to name a few of the things they encounter.

(NOTE...The following Tarzan books were not written by Burroughs (except for part of "Lost Adventure")

26. "Tarzan and the Lost Safari" (1957)
Whitman juvenile book written most likely by Frank Castle, based on the script from the Gordon Scott movie. First printing has a photo of Scott on the cover. (Reprinted in 1966 with different cover.) Tarzan must rescue the passengers of an airplane that crashed in the jungle through Opar-land, and from the clutches of "Tusker" Hawkins.

27. "Tarzan and the Valley of Gold" (1966) by Fritz Leiber; Novelization of the Mike Henry Tarzan film, which actually is better than the movie. Tarzan goes to Mexico to stop a madman who uses modern weapons from stealing gold.

28. "Tarzan: the Lost Adventure" (published in 1995) by ERB and Joe R. Lansdale; a "lost" Edgar Rice Burroughs manuscript that was never completed; Writer Joe Lansdale was hired to finish it.

29. "Tarzan Alive" (1972) by Philip Jose Farmer; Farmer links Tarzan to other fictional characters of the past and states a case for Tarzan being a real life person who is still alive.

30. "Tarzan: the Epic Adventures" (1996) Robert A. Salvatore; Novelization of the television movie starring Joe Lara that was the pilot for the TARZAN: THE EPIC ADVENTURES series. Borrows from "Return of Tarzan" and "At the Earth's Core".

31. "The Dark Heart of Time:" a Tarzan Novel by Philip Jose Farmer (1999)

The Unauthorized Barton Werper Tarzan novels...
1 Tarzan and the Silver Globe (1964)
2 Tarzan and the Cave City (1964)
3 Tarzan and the Snake People (1964)
4 Tarzan and the Abominable Snowmen (1965)
5 Tarzan and the Winged Invaders (1965)
NOTE... the Werper Tarzan novels were unauthorized and removed from the marketplace; remaining copies were destroyed. Copies sometimes are sold on eBay.

NOTE: I have used the Ballantine book back cover write-ups as reference for the plot descriptions above; but instead of merely copying them word for word, I have edited them and in some cases used my own descriptions.