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When Mike Henry refused to continue playing Tarzan, Ron Ely was chosen to play the lead
in a TV series from 1966-1968. Several of his TV shows were spliced together into feature films: Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion, Tarzan and
the Perils of Charity Jones, Tarzan and the 4 O'clock Army, Tarzan and the Mountains of the Moon
(1966-1967) and Tarzan's Deadly Silence (1970)

Banner Productions; Executive Producer: Sy Weintraub; Series Produced by Leon Benson, Don Brinkley, Vernon E. Clark, Jon Epstein, Steve Shagan, Maurice Unger. Series Directed by Alex Nicol, Harmon Jones, William Witney, Barry Shear, Lawrence Dobkin, Robert L. Friend, Anton Leader, Paul Stanley, James Komack, Earl Bellamy; Series writers: Jackson Gillis, Carey Wilber, Samuel Newman, Don Brinkley, Jerry Adelman, William Driskill, Esther Shapiro, Richard Shapiro, Lee Erwin, George F. Slavin, S.S. Schweitzer, Richard H. Landau.

Regular cast:
Ron Ely (Tarzan), Manuel Padilla Jr. (Jai), Alan Caillou (Jason Flood), Rockne Tarkington (Tao).

Episode guide:

Season one (1966–1967)
1. "Eyes of the Lion"
2. "The Ultimate Weapon"
3. "Leopard on the Loose"
4. "A Life for a Life"
5. "The Prisoner"
6. "The Three Faces of Death"
7. "The Prodigal Puma"
8. "The Deadly Silence, Part 1"
9. "The Deadly Silence, Part 2"
10. "The Figurehead"
11. "Village of Fire"
12. "The Day of the Golden Lion"
13. "Pearls of Tanga"
14. "The End of the River"
15. "The Ultimate Duel"
16. "The Fire People"
17. "Track of the Dinosaur"
18. "The Day the Earth Trembled"
19. "Cap’n Jai"
20. "A Pride of Assassins"
21. "The Golden Runaway"
22. "Basil of the Bulge"
23. "Mask of Rona"
24. "To Steal the Rising Sun"
25. "Jungle Dragnet"
26. "The Perils of Charity Jones, Part 1"
27. "The Perils of Charity Jones, Part 2"
28. "The Circus"
29. "The Ultimatum"
30. "Algie B. for Brave"
31. "Man Killer"

Season two (1967–1968)
1. "Tiger, Tiger"
2. "Voice of the Elephant"
3. "Thief Catcher"
4. "The Blue Stone of Heaven, Part 1"
5. "The Blue Stone of Heaven, Part 2"
6. "Maguma Curse"
7. "The Fanatics"
8. "The Last of the Superman"
9. "Hotel Hurricane"
10. "The Pride of a Lioness"
11. "Mountains of the Moon, Part 1"
12. "Mountains of the Moon, Part 2"
13. "Jai’s Amnesia"
14. "Creeping Giants"
15. "The Professional"
16. "The Convert"
17. "King of the Dwsari"
18. "A Gun for Jai"
19. "Trek to Terror"
20. "End of a Challenge"
21. "Jungle Ransom"
22. "Four O’Clock Army, Part 1"
23. "Four O’Clock Army, Part 2"
24. "Rendezvous for Revenge"
25. "Alex the Great"
26. "Trina"

      National General Pictures released two films to cinemas that were made from two part episodes of the series Tarzan's Deadly Silence and Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion.
      Several two-part episodes were later re-edited into theatrical motion pictures:
* "The Blue Stone of Heaven" was released as Tarzan’s Jungle Rebellion in 1967; "The Blue Stone of Heaven" also served as the pilot for the series and was later aired as a 2-part story in the 2nd Season.
*"The Four O’Clock Army" was released as Tarzan and the Four O’clock War in March 1968
*"The Deadly Silence" was released as Tarzan’s Deadly Silence in July 1970
*"The Perils of Charity Jones" was released as Tarzan and the Perils of Charity Jones in October 1971.