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First MGM movie starring Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan as Tarzan and Jane Parker

Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan), Maureen O'Sullivan (Jane Parker), Neil Hamilton (Harry Holt), C. Aubrey Smith (James Parker), Doris Lloyd (Mrs. Cutten),
Forrester Harvey (Beamish), Ivory Williams (Riano), Ray Corrigan (ape) Jiggs (Cheeta the monkey). Directed by W. S. Van Dyke; Screenplay by Cyril Hume
and Ivor Novello based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Produced by Bernard H. Hyman and Irving Thalberg; Cinematography: Clyde De Vinna
and Harold Rosson; Film Editing: Tom Held and Ben Lewis; Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons; Assistant director: Nick Grinde and Arthur Rose; Sound technicians:
Douglas Shearer and Paul Neal; Visual Effects by Warren Newcombe; Stunts: George Bruggeman, Al Cadutta, Tony Cadutta, Alfredo Codona (Weissmuller swinging shots),
Ray Corrigan and Norm Taylor.
Release date: March 25, 1932 in NY, April in USA.
Running time: 100 Minutes
Filmed in Black and White

      James Parker and Harry Holt, in Africa on a quest for the legendary elephant burial grounds (and their ivory), are joined by Parker's daughter Jane. They form
an expedition and set out toward the Mutia Escarpment. Holt, attracted to her, tries somewhat ineffectively to protect her from the jungle's dangers, notably
failing to prevent her abduction by the jungle's guardian, the mysterious Tarzan and his ape allies. The experience is terrifying to Jane, yet she finds herself
missing the ape man after she is returned to her father. When the expedition is captured by a tribe of pygmies she sends Tarzan's ape friend Cheeta for help.
Tarzan comes to their rescue and causes an elephant stampede through the native village. A wounded elephant leads them to the elephants graveyard but Jane's father
dies there. In the end, she opts to make her life with Tarzan.

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