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Gordon Scott (Tarzan), Robert Beatty (Tusker Hawkins), Yolande Donlan (Gamage Dean), Betta St. John (Diana Penrod),
Wilfrid Hyde-White ('Doodles' Fletcher), George Coulouris (Carl Kraski), Peter Arne (Dick Penrod), Orlando Martins (Oparian Chieftan).

Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone; Screenplay by Montgomery Pittman and Lillie Hayward; Produced by John Croydon, Sol Lesser
and N. Peter Rathvon; Original music: Clifton Parker; Cinematography: C.M. Pennington-Richards; Film Editing: Bill Lewthwaite;
Production: Design Paul Sheriff; Art Direction: Geoffrey Drake; Makeup artist: L.V. Clark; Hair stylist: A. Scott; Production manager:
C.R. Foster-Kemp; Second unit director: Wilfrid G. Eades; Assistant director: Fred Slark; Sound recordist: Leslie Hammond; Dubbing
editor: Arthur Southgate; Special effects: George Blackwell and Tom Howard; Photographer: Africa Miki Carter; Dress designer: Anna Duse;
Continuity: June Faithfull; Dance arrangement: Harold Holness; Recording director: Harold V. King; Musical director: Louis Levy; Camera operator:
Norman Warwick. MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
Production began: Late December 1955 - late February 1956
Release date: March 25, 1957 (April 18, 1957 in New York)
Solar Film Productions
Running time: 80 Minutes
Color by Eastmancolor

      When an airplane crashes because a flock of flamingos flew in its path, Tarzan must rescue the passengers before the plane crashes into a deep gorge.
Once the lost safari is brought to safety, Tarzan goes back to the plane to get some of their belongings. Meanwhile, a few Opar warriors kidnap Diana Penrod,
but she is saved by Tarzan and a white hunter named Tusker Hawkins. Hawkins has eyes for Diana, but she rejects him. Secretly, Hawkins has made a pact with the
Opar people to help them capture the stranded passengers in exchange for ivory tusks. Tarzan becomes suspicious of Hawkins, and succeeds in proving the hunter
is not to be trusted. When Tarzan goes to find a way out of a deep gorge, the Oparians, with Tusker's help, captures the members of the safari and prepares to
sacrifice them, except for Diana. Hawkins wants her for himself. Tarzan, with the help of Cheetah, who starts a fire in their village, rescues the socialites and
leads them to a nearby settlement. Hawkins is killed when he tries to escape after Tarzan uses the jungle drums to alert the Oparians that Hawkins was a traitor.
Tarzan is able to lead the Penrod's and their friends to the nearest settlement.

      This was the first Tarzan movie to be released in color (as would all future films in the series). Tarzan And The Lost Safari was also the first Tarzan movie
I saw in a theater and I became a fan of both Gordon Scott and Tarzan because of it. Even with an average story line, the use of color made it more appealing to audiences
and this movie is still one of my favorites. The pacing is slow in places, but the acting and production values are very good. A very under-rated film.

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