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CAST: Lex Barker (Tarzan), Virginia Huston (Jane), George Macready (Radijeck), Douglas Fowley (Trask), Glenn Anders (Andrews), Alan Napier (Commissioner Peters), Edward Ashley Mr. (Conners), Dorothy Dandridge (Queen Melmendi), Walter Kingsford (Barney), Frederick O'Neal (King Bulam), James Moultrie (Nessi)

Directed by Byron Haskin; Screenplay by Samuel Newman and Francis Swann; Additional dialogue by John Cousins; Produced by Sol Lesser; Music by Michel Michelet; Cinematography by Karl Struss; Film Edited by Jack Murray; Art director: John Meehan; Wardrobe: Wesley Jeffries; Makeup: Don Cash; Production supervisor: Fred Ahern; Second unit director: Philip Brandon; Assistant director: James Paisley; Sound technician: Fred Lau; African production personnel: Directed by Phil Brandon; Photography: Jack Whitehead; Production assistants: Tony Dean and Peter; Colemore; Based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Production began early July - early December, 1950; Release date: March 10, 1951; Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures Inc.; Sol Lesser Productions;   Also Known As: Jungle Queen (1951); Tarzan and the Jungle Queen (1951) (UK); Tarzan's Mate in Peril (1951) (USA); Running time: 79 minutes; Black and White.

      PLOT: Melmendi has just been crowned Queen of the Ashuba tribe and her whole tribe celebrates the event. Bulam, leader of a neighboring tribe, brings a chest full of treasure, but the new Queen sends him away and refuses his proposal. Bulam leaves with revenge on his mind.
      Meanwhile, Commissioner Peters, who is retiring, is showing his replacement, Mr. Connors, around the jungle and telling him about Tarzan and the gunrunners stirring up trouble among the natives. Connors learns about Radijeck, the leader of these gunrunners and how Tarzan was responsible for sending Radijeck to prison. However, jungle drums spread the word that Radijeck has escaped.
      Radijeck meets up with Trask and Andrews, the two men responsible for breaking him out of prison, and tells them his plan to sell two hundred guns to Bulam, who wants to rule the jungle and force Melmendi to marry him. Tarzan meets up with Peters and Connors and tells them the news that Radijeck has escaped. Soon after Tarzan leaves, Peters and Connors run into Radijeck and his men and both are killed in cold blood. But there is even no honor among the outlaws and Radijeck forces Andrews to break his leg, and leaves him behind to die.
      Bulam buys guns from the gunrunners and uses them to attack Melmendi's village and take her prisoner. But she still refuses his advances. Tarzan comes to the rescue and frees Melmendi and her men, who are able to overcome Bulam's men, who had partied too much and are in a stupor. Tarzan battles Bulam, who dies when he falls on his own knife. Now Tarzan goes after Radijeck, who has made his way to Tarzan's treehouse and tells Jane to lead him to safety or die. Tarzan arrives in time and when Radijeck tries to shoot Tarzan, the Ape Man knocks him from the treehouse to his death. The jungle is safe once more.

      In my opinion, this is the best of the five Lex Barker Tarzan movies. It is more adult in tone and George MacReady makes for a great villain, one worthy of Tarzan. Sol Lesser had planned on filming this movie in color and with scenes filmed on location in Africa, but everything went wrong upon their arrival, so it was decided to make the film in black and white and finish shooting the picture at the Arboreum and the studio back lot. Virginia Huston was Lex's third Jane.