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CAST: Lex Barker (Tarzan), Vanessa Brown (Jane), Robert Alda (Neil), Denise Darcel (Lola, A Nurse), Hurd Hatfield (Chief of the Lion People), Arthur Shields (Randini Doctor), Robert Warwick (High Priest), Anthony Caruso (Sengo), Tito Renaldo (Chief's Son), Mary Ellen Kay (Moana), Shirley Ballard, Rosemary Bertrand, Gwen Caldwell, Martha Clemons, Mona Knox, Josephine Parra, Jackee Waldron, Eva Gabor (Slave Girls)

Directed by Lee Sholem; Screenplay by Arnold Belgard and Hans Jacoby; Produced by Sol Lesser; Music by Paul Sawtell; Cinematography by Russell Harlan; Film Edited by Christian Nyby; Production Designer: Harry Horner; Makeup: Gustaf Norin; Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures Inc.; Production began August 1 - September 3, 1949; Release date: March 18, 1950; Sol Lesser Productions; Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures Inc.; Also Known As: Tarzan and the Jungle Queen (1950); Running time: 74 minutes; Black and White.

      Plot: A mysterious plague is spreading through the jungle. One particular tribe of lion worshippers is hit hard. Sengo, who has many followers among the lion people, is an evil man and sends his men out to kidnap women from nearby tribes. Moana is kidnapped from her village, and Tarzan and Jane arrive and hear the news. Tarzan rescues her and then finds that one of the kidnappers has died from the plague. Jane persuades Tarzan to go to Randini and bring back the doctor with a serum before the plague sreads out of control. Tarzan returns with the doctor, his nurse Lola, and their safari man, Neil. The serum is given to members of Moana's village who had become sick.
      Sengo sends his men out to capture more girls; they kidnap Lola and Jane. Tarzan leads a safari to find the kidnappers and to give the serum to those infected with the plague. Along the way, they are attacked by the savage Wadis; the safari loses many men as they barely escape. Neil is injured and stays behind with Cheeta as Tarzan and the others proceed to their destination.
      Meanwhile, Sengo and his men arrive in the lion people's village with the "slave girls" (Lola and Jane among them). The king of the tribe has died and they are preparing to entomb his body. The prince discovers his son has the plague, and when the high priest cannot cure him, he too is imprisoned at the encouragement of Sengo.
      Neil discovers that the medicine was accidentally left behind, so he brings it with him as he hurries to catch up with Tarzan and the doctor. When Tarzan and the doctor arrive, they discover the medicine has apparently been lost and things look grim. Jane sees Tarzan in the village and screams out. Tarzan pretends not to hear her, then suddenly bolts and goes to rescue her, but Sengo sees where they are hiding and orders the tomb closed. Tarzan calls his friends the elephants to open the entrance to the tomb. Tarzan escapes and battles Sengo and his men and wins the battle, Sengo falling into the lion pit. Neil arrives with the serum and the prince's son recovers from the plague, as well as the other lion people wwho had it. With the crisis over, the new king allows Tarzan and Jane to return home; Lola decides she loves Neil. Tarzan has succeeded once again.

      The second Lex Barker Tarzan film is fun to watch but begs a few questions. Why were all the natives white? Lex again does a good job as Tarzan, and Vanessa Brown (born Smylla Brind) is his second Jane, but is overshadowed by Denise Darcel, who plays Lola the nurse. Robert Alda (Alan's dad) is Neil and with his charm and wit makes it a memorable part. Edgar Rice Burroughs visited the set during filming, but died soon after. An interesting piece of trivia: Eva Gabor had a bit part, uncredited, as one of the slave girls.