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CAST: Lex Barker (Tarzan), Dorothy Hart (Jane), Patric Knowles (Edwards, English Traitor), Charles Korvin (Rokov, Russian Agent), Tommy Carlton (Joey )

Directed by Cyril Endfield; Screenplay by Cyril Hume, Hans Jacoby and Shirley White; based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Produced by Sol Lesser; Music by Paul Sawtell; Cinematography by Karl Struss; Film Edited by Frank Sullivan; Art Director: Walter E. Keller; Production supervisor: Glen Cook; Assistant director: Mack V. Wright; Sound technician: Don McKay; Makeup: Norbert Miles; Wardrobe: Wesley Jeffries; Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures Inc.; Production began October 4 -early November, 1951; additiona; scenes filmed January, 1952; Release date: April 1952; Sol Lesser Productions; Also Known As: Tarzan, the Hunted (1952); Running time: 81 minutes; Black and White.

      Plot: Tarzan saves a white orphan boy named Joey, who was being used by. a nearby tribe, as bait to lure crocodiles. The Ape Man warns them to stop using boys to catch crocodiles. He takes Joey home to meet Jane, where they learn that his parents were killed by lions.
      Meanwhile, Tarzan's cousin, Oliver, is hunting in Africa with Rokov and Edwards, looking for a fortune in diamonds, which Lord Greystoke plans to bring to England. Rokov kills Oliver and has Edwards pose as Tarzan's cousin so Tarzan will lead them to the diamonds. The deception works and they fool Jane in persuading Tarzan to take them to find the diamonds, the location of which is described in Tarzan's father's diary. The treasure is in feared Waziri country!
      The journey to Waziri country is dangerous thanks to Rokov's itchy trigger finger as he shoots a hippo, who overturns a raft, and then they run out of water. FInally, they are attacked by cannibals. Edwards is wounded but the Waziri appear and the cannibals retreat in fear. In the village, the witch doctor wants to have these intruders killed, but an old man recognizes Tarzan and tells the chief he remembers Tarzan as a young boy. As proof that Tarzan is a friend, the old man and Tarzan must travel to the hut where Tarzan was born and find his father's book. While Tarzan is gone, Jane discovers the truth about Edwards. Rokov makes things worse by stealing the diamonds and killing the witch doctor, who discovers him stealing the gems. Rokov and Edwards escape the village, leaving Jane and Joey behind.
      The natives find the dead witch doctor, while Jane sends Joey alone to find Tarzan. Jane is to be sacrificed and only Tarzan can save her. Tarzan comes upon Rokov on his way back, and after a brief battle, Rokov falls to his death in a lion pit. Joey tells Tarzan about Jane's predicament, and Tarzan uses his war cry to stop the sacrifice, and returns Rokov's stolen diamonds. With the return of the diamonds, all is forgiven, and Tarzan, Jane and Joey return home.

      Sol Lesser decided to try and add his version of "Boy" to the Tarzan family in the person of Tommy Carlton as Joey. It was a one film idea though, as Joey was never seen again in any other Tarzan film. Lex Barker was made up to look like "Lord Greystoke" for a scene in the movie where a picture of Greystoke was shown. Dorothy Hart was cast as Jane in this film and gave a credible performance. Some critics thought it was a poor decision to keep Tarzan a prisoner for much of the picture (I agree) and that Tarzan didn't show much "fury."

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