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CAST: Lex Barker (Tarzan), Joyce Mackenzie (Jane), Raymond Burr (Vargo), Monique van Vooren (Lyra, the She-Devil), Tom Conway (Fidel), Michael Grainger (Philippe Lavarre), Henry Brandon (M'Tara), Robert Bice (Maka), Michael Ross (Selim)

Directed by Kurt Neumann; Screenplay by Karl Kamb and Carroll Young; Based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Produced by Sol Lesser; Associate producer: Lloyd Richards; Film Edited by Leon Barsha; Art Direction: Carroll Clark; Costume Design: Wesley Jeffries; Makeup: Gustaf Norin; Assistant director: Emmett Emerson; Music editor: Audrey Granville; Sound technician: Jean L. Speak; Music by Paul Sawtell; Cinematography by Karl Struss; Production began mid October - mid November, 1952; Release date: June 8, 1953; Sol Lesser Productions; Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures Inc.; Working title: : Tarzan Meets the Vampire (1953); Running time: 75 minutes; Black and White.

      PLOT: Ivory poachers Vargo and Lavar have discovered a large herd of bull elephants and plot to capture them. Vargo tells his boss Lyra about the herd and his plan to capture a local tribe, the Lykopo, to serve as bearers. Her aide Fidel warns that Tarzan is a friend of the tribe, but Lyra and Vargo go ahead and raid the village and capture the men of the tribe.
      The Lykopo women tell Tarzan what has happened and the Ape Man, under cover of the night, frees his friends and throws the weapons of the ivory poachers into a well. When Vargo finds out, he convinces Lyra that Tarzan must be put out of the way and they plot to kill the Ape Man and as insurance, capture his wife Jane. Tarzan is shot out of a tree, but when Fidel tries to capture Jane, she manages to escape but the treehouse burns to the ground. Fidel thinks Jane is dead and tells Lyra. Tarzan breaks free when he hears the news and proceeds to the treehouse; he finds the burnt remains of his home and comes to think Jane is dead also.
      Tarzan loses the will to fight back and is captured by Vargo and imprisoned. Even Vargo's whip cannot budge Tarzan. Meanwhile, Jane is trying to find Tarzan, but is overcome by exhaustion. An elephant carries her to the Lykopo village, where she is cared for by the women. Upon recovering, Jane again tries to find Tarzan. The elephant hunt is on and Vargo is in charge after a falling out with Fidel, who reports back to Lyra that Vargo can't be trusted. Jane stumbles into Lyra's camp and is taken to Tarzan. Lyra tells Tarzan that if he helps her capture the elepahnts, he will be reunited with Jane. If not, Jane will be killed. Tarzan calls the elephants, but closes the stockade with the lykopo inside and the stampede of elephants kills Lyra, Fidel and Vargo. Tarzan rescues Jane, and once again the jungle is safe from evil men and women.

      Tarzan And The She-Devil would be Lex Barker's last outing as the Ape Man. Lex decided to move on to other roles, ending up in Europe where he became a star. Gordon Scott would take over the role in 1955. The plot to She-Devil is standard Tarzan fare but the appearance of Raymond Burr as the villain places it a notch above some of Barker's other Tarzan films. Monique van Vooren and Joyce Mackenzie as Jane also give noteworthy performances. Lex Barker had, in his five movies, proven to be one of the better actors to portray Tarzan. It is too bad he never got the chance to play a more intelligent Tarzan.